Phone Control + Web Control - Professional 4-Port Remote Power Switch

Phone Control + Web Control - Professional 4-Port Remote Power Switch
AllAboutAdapters IP-P3 - Complete control over when and in which sequence equipment is restored. Supports wolwake on LAN protocol for remotely starting up computers. Fail-safe rs-232 console port connection available when network is down or phone disconnected. Supports multi-users access management with secure password system to prevent unauthorized access.
Eliminate problems with brownouts and blackouts. Independent control of power ports each ac power plug can be independently powered on, off or power cycled for a immediate reboot or reboot with a timed delay and power event scheduling for network management, energy management and system security. Ip security masks help manage user privileges and prevent unauthorized access to the control menu through the network.
Phone Control + Web Control - Professional 4-Port Remote Power Switch - Designed for high voltage resistance and protection for leakage of electrical currency. Steel frame design with sturdy metal enclosure. With a time delay or scheduled for On/Off shutdowns to conserve energy in the data center. Web control operation its intuitive web control panel provides various important power control functions including remote power scheduling, remote power setting and remote power status report, which can all be accessed via internet or local network: Advanced Power Operation Scheduling Arrange Power-Up Or Shutdown Sequence With Timed Delay Auto Ping For Automatic Reboot Of Crashed Systems Secure User Access Control IP/Mac Filter Protection 15-AMP circuit breaker protection to avoid power overload and protect connected devices.
Instant email and trap notification will be generated when power events occurred according to the preset event lists. Downloadable power event logs with all performed actions and power status/connection activities recorded.
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