Coaxial Video, Power Data Surge Protector

Coaxial Video, Power Data Surge Protector
MemorySystems SP001VPD - 5 pin terminal + bnc male to 4 pin terminal + bnc female, max current up to 2Amp, Max power input AC40VMAX, DC56VMAX, Perfect for PTZ camera protection. Surge protection attack Time: 1 ns, Maximum Surge Current:4 KV. Surge life:300 surges of 100amps, normal Resistance Across Coax: 10, 000 M? Surge resistanceapprox: 0?, Band Pass: 0~1 GHZ.
Power input: ac40v max, power passing capability 130V AC/DC, dc56v max, 65 Vrms at 10Amps. Insertion loss:less than 02 db, return loss 75 ohms:16dB.
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