Brandmotion FDMC-1213 Universal Armrest Freedom Charger

Brandmotion FDMC-1213 Universal Armrest Freedom Charger
Brandmotion FDMC-1213 - This is a universal vehicle installation kit that can be cut to fit most any vehicle phone storage tray. Works with all phone sizes including plus. This kit will fit 90% of vehicles armrests, be sure to check armrest dimensions to make sure it is compatible with product 4. 8" x 7. 95" x. 737". The plastic substrate and rubberized phone mat can be cut using household tools - a scissors and a utility knife.
No longer will you have to search for your charger and orient it the correct way just to plug in your phone. Fits 90% of vehicles armrests. Phone remains visible and accessible in vehicle. Seamlessly integrate wireless charging into your vehicles armrest. Allows phone to be visible and accessible not intended for use while driving.
Brandmotion FDMC-1213 Universal Armrest Freedom Charger - Add a new level of convenience to your car and keep your eyes on the road, instead of fumbling with a tangled mess of cords. The system works by using inductive charging technology to allow your smartphone to charge without connecting a charger. Utilizes the wireless charging standard, qi to charge your phones without cables.
Freedom charge uses the wireless charging standard, qi, to keep your phone charged without the hassle of plugging it in. Does not interfere with your vehicle's Bluetooth functionality while using your infotainment system.
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