DuraComm LP-14 Switching Desktop Power Supply

DuraComm LP-14 Switching Desktop Power Supply
These power supplies convert 120 or 240 volt 50/60 Hz AC power to low noise and ripple, regulated 13. 8 volt DC output. Additionally the power supplies incorporate an over temperature feature to protect against undesired component failure should operation in excessive environmental temperatures occur. When demand on the power supply increases and the internal temperature reaches 40°C, the fan will begin to run until the temperature drops below this threshold.
Filtered & Regulated. As soon as the overload is removed, the output will be automatically restored. They are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. This current limiting circuit reduces the output limiting to a very low and safe value until the overload is removed from the power supply.
When these supplies model lp-18 and LP-25 are lightly loaded and cool, the fan will not run. Note: units are factory pre-set for 120 AC input. The duracomm lp series of power supplies are UL recognized. Overload/over Voltage/Over Temperature Protection. Duracomm lp series power supplies are compatible with all LPH radio hoods.
This should only be done by a qualified technician or should be specified at the time of purchase.